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Kim & Justin

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I have been very fortunate in my family and professional life, and I wanted to give back to my communities in a more profound way. The Northumberland portion of our new riding has been my home for almost 40 years. I want to do all I can to be an agent for the betterment of our local communities. Northumberland—Peterborough South is the best place to call home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Growing up, my mother was always very active in politics. It was from her that I learned that government is there to protect the rights of individuals while balancing the needs of the common good. I learned that government should be the basis, the cornerstone for great social debate and change.

These sentiments resonate with me every day. As a businessperson and entrepreneur, I want to use the skills I’ve learned through almost 30 years in business to tackle the challenges we face in this riding. I feel we need a plan – a home-grown plan – that will fundamentally re-invigorate our local communities. I want us to be a part of the global economy, not just a victim of it.

My love for the communities that make up Northumberland—Peterborough South and my personal commitment to see us succeed is the predominate factor in my choosing to run as a Liberal candidate in the next election.

Whether it was as a Chamber of Commerce president, or heading up our local Doctor Recruitment Committee to creating opportunities for both affordable day-care and college opportunities, I have never shied away from helping my communities in any way I could.

Our riding is a unique collection of both urban and rural towns, villages and hamlets. But we are bound by both our differences and our similarities. We believe in family in all its forms. We believe in supporting one another in good times and bad, and we believe that our resilience is our primary strength.

When Justin Trudeau became Liberal leader, I felt the “Winds of Change” blowing. It was the inspiration for my own election slogan of “Change Is Coming,” because I knew that in Justin we would finally have positivity rather than Stephen Harper’s politics of divisiveness.

Photo of Kim Speaking at Red Leaf DinnerPhoto of Kim Rudd with Carolyn Bennett and Chief Jimbob Marsden

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My principal goal in seeking to be your Member of Parliament is job creation. I believe that it’s the single most important matter facing both Northumberland—Peterborough South and Eastern Ontario. As MP, my goal will be to do all I can, with every resource available, to help create the environments that attract jobs and businesses.

We need to start looking not for large smokestacks, but for smaller specialty and niche market manufacturing. We need to be creating hubs of new start-up businesses, with several more dedicated incubators all across Eastern Ontario. We need to partner more with the province to dovetail federal job creation programs with theirs.

I want to see more partnerships between universities and colleges between local manufacturers and business, which would give students practical, hands-on experience while at the same time giving companies greater access to the untold wealth in our student brain trusts.

I believe that in undertaking these transformational approaches to how we do business, we will put Northumberland—Peterborough South on a course that will provide true prosperity for decades to come.

I have been on many committees where I was told the tasks were “impossible.” I have heard people say, “Kim, we’ve tried everything but it never works.” I take that as a challenge. Long ago, I decided that if I were to seek my party’s nomination, my goal as MP would be to look first and foremost at creating jobs.

I’ll take on the challenge of job creation as your MP, not as a daunting task but rather as my duty to my riding.

Ottawa is not about “Ivory Towers” to me — it’s about possibilities. I’m going there to deliver our message. This is who we are in Northumberland—Peterborough South, and this is what I will need. I’m not naïve. I know that just saying these words won’t magically make everything perfect. But I will be relentless, determined, and strategic to get what we need.

I’m going there to be part of a team that believes that we need to start looking at reconnecting with our citizens; to their needs, and their goals.

I think that as politicians, we need to be careful in the promises we make. But one promise I can make without hesitation is that I want to serve you every day as your MP to the best of my abilities.

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